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Survey: 9 out of 10 UK Evangelicals Will Give to Charity or Volunteer This Christmas Season

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, December 16, 2016

Survey: 9 out of 10 UK Evangelicals Will Give to Charity or Volunteer This Christmas Season

A recent survey has revealed that evangelicals are serious about giving this Christmas season.

According to, nine out of 10 evangelicals in the U.K. will either volunteer or give to charity during the Christmas season. Also, in comparison to non-Christians, evangelicals are much more likely to be charitable.

The survey was conducted by the Evangelical Alliance and polled more than 800 Christians.

Although the survey revealed that Christians are charitable, it also revealed that most of them will not struggle financially this Christmas, and that their giving will not strain their own budgets for Christmas gifts for their own families.

"The ease with which many can enjoy Christmas is certainly not universally shared with many requiring food parcels, or struggling with unsustainable debt," stated Steve Clifford, general director of the Evangelical Alliance.

"When we don't see for ourselves the challenges many face, it's a nudge for Christians to continue to show charity but also a stark reminder that our congregations might not reflect the realities of the communities we are in or seeking to reach,” he continued.

Another leader within Christianity, Bishop of Burnley Philip North, has urged the Church to not allow wealth to cloud its view of Christ and of serving those in need.

The Church of England is so disconnected from those in poverty, said Burnley "that it no longer hears what they are saying, let alone amplifies their voices to the nation.”

Join us in praying for Christians to truly see the needs of others this Christmas season and to give sacrificially to bless them, because of the love of Christ.


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Publication date: December 16, 2016