Study: Religious Institutions Have Greater Economic Impact Than Facebook, Apple, Google

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Thursday, September 15, 2016

Study: Religious Institutions Have Greater Economic Impact Than Facebook, Apple, Google

A new study claims that religious institutions contribute more to the U.S. economy than corporations like Google, Apple, and Facebook combined.

According to The Christian Examiner, the study was done by Dr. Brian Grim of Georgetown University and his daughter, Melissa Grim, of the Newseum Institute.

The two Grims published a 31-page summary of the study which shows that religious institutions and their associated ministries contribute as much as $378 billion to the economy.

A press release states that the study, titled The Socio-economic Contribution of Religion to American Society: An Empirical Analysis, examines, "the economic impact of 344,000 religious congregations around the country, in addition to quantifying the economic impact of religious institutions and religion-related businesses.”

The Grims claim that religious spending is especially significant because churches and religious institutions do not generally close down when the economy is suffering.

Some of the significant ways religious institutions contribute to the economy is by launching drug and alcohol abuse programs, programs for veterans, programs for HIV/AIDS prevention and support, as well as Christian health care facilities.

"In an age where there's a growing belief that religion is not a positive for American society, adding up the numbers is a tangible reminder of the impact of religion. Every single day individuals and organizations of faith quietly serve their communities as part of religious congregations, faith-based charities, and businesses inspired by religion,” stated Dr. Grim.


Publication date: September 15, 2016