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Study: Increasing Number of Americans ‘Love Jesus but Not the Church’

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Monday, April 10, 2017

Study: Increasing Number of Americans ‘Love Jesus but Not the Church’

A new Barna Group study has revealed a rift between Christians who say their faith is important to them and Christians who regularly attend church.

According to Christian Today, the study revealed that more and more Americans say they are “spiritual but not religious” and that they “love Jesus, but not the Church.”

In 2004, this group of people only accounted for seven percent of Americans, but that number is now up to 10 percent.

These are Christians who maintain that they are serious about their faith and that they love Jesus, but have not attended a church service in at least six months.

This unchurched group shares many core beliefs of Christianity with their Christian brothers and sisters who are more regular church attenders. Ninety-five percent believe in only one God, who is the “all-powerful, all-knowing, perfect creator of the universe who rules the world today.”

"They still love Jesus, still believe in Scripture, and most of the tenets of their Christian faith. But they have lost faith in the Church," explains Roxanne Stone, editor in chief of Barna Group.

Stone added that churches need to find a way to reach out to these people:

“Churches need to be able to say to these people—and to answer for themselves – that there is a unique way you can find God only in church. And that faith does not survive or thrive in solitude.”


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Publication date: April 10, 2017