Students across America Toting Bibles for "Bring Your Bible to School Day"

Carrie Dedrick | Thursday, October 16, 2014

Students across America Toting Bibles for "Bring Your Bible to School Day"

Students across the United States will bring their Bibles to school today (Oct. 16) as part of a national initiative to encourage young people to share their faith with peers. According to The Blaze, Bring Your Bible to School Day is sponsored by Focus on the Family in an effort to promote religious freedom. 

Focus on the Family is using the event as a way to teach students their constitutional rights. 

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) attorney Jeremy Tedesco said, “Christian students don’t abandon their constitutionally protected freedoms at the schoolhouse gate. Their freedom to express their beliefs includes the right to bring their Bible to school, to read it during their free time, and to engage in other activities as part of ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day.’”

The ADF also released a public memo, informing schools that students are permitted by law to carry a Bible and read it during non-instructional time. 

“Students have a constitutional right to participate in and promote ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day.’ Unfortunately, schools all too often censor religious expression for fear of violating the often misunderstood ‘separation of church and state,’ for dislike of religious viewpoints, or for a desire to avoid controversy,” the memo read. 

Publication date: October 16, 2014