Student Expelled for Quoting Bible on Homosexuality Loses Reinstatement Appeal

Carrie Dedrick | Friday, April 8, 2016

Student Expelled for Quoting Bible on Homosexuality Loses Reinstatement Appeal

A Christian student who was expelled from an English university for quoting the Bible on homosexuality in a Facebook post, has lost his appeal for reinstatement. 

As previously reported, Felix Ngole, 38, was pursuing his Master’s degree in social work at the University of Sheffield when he posted Scripture on homosexuality on his personal Facebook page. He then received a letter from the school saying that he was “no longer recognized as a University student.” The university claimed Ngole had "transgressed boundaries which are not deemed appropriate for someone entering the Social Work profession."

Christian Today reports Ngole has now lost his appeal on the decision. The appeals office claimed that Ngole’s Facebook post violated professional conduct for social workers outlined in the Health and Care Professions Councils. 

Ngole argues that university students were not warned that their personal Facebook pages could prompt expulsion from programs.

"Like every other student at university I use social media to communicate and express personal views. In my Facebook posts in question, I simply expressed support for the biblical view of marriage and sexuality,” Ngole said. 

"At no stage when entering university were students told that their social media would be 'vetted' or that the university had a sole right to decide who should and should not go into their chosen profession.” 

The student is now considering taking further legal action. 

Andrea Williams, founder of the Christian Legal Centre representing Ngole said, "Mr. Ngole has worked with those who identify as homosexual in the past and has always treated them with respect, never discriminating against them. There is no evidence that Felix's biblical views would have negatively impacted his work.

"We have become used to registrars, nurses, teachers, magistrates and counsellors being disciplined in their jobs for acting according to conscience, but this is the very first time a Christian student has been stopped even before he enters his chosen vocation to help others – simply for holding traditional Christians views on marriage and sexuality.”

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Publication date: April 8, 2016