Student Building Monitor Credited with Stopping Seattle Gunman

Carrie Dedrick | Friday, June 6, 2014

Student Building Monitor Credited with Stopping Seattle Gunman

Seattle Pacific University student Jon Meis is credited with stopping a gunman from continuing firing at students in a building on campus Thursday afternoon. Meis was at his post as a building monitor when shooter Aaron Ybarra entered and opened fired.

Meis tackled the gunman when he paused to reload and subdued him with pepper spray. He then held Ybarra in a chokehold until authorities arrived on the scene reports The BLAZE.

Other students expressed gratitude for the heroic actions of the young man.

“Jon Meis is truly one of the greatest guys you will ever meet. He was on the same dorm room floor as me and it makes perfect sense that he was the one to do this...I remember seeing him working in that booth near the doors at Otto Miller thinking, ‘Man, he has an easy job.’ Little did we know what God would use him for today,” said an unnamed student.

“I’m proud of the selfless actions that my roommate, Jon Meis, showed today taking down the shooter. He is a hero,” tweeted Matt Garcia.

“I’m so proud to know Jon Meis. He’s always been an incredible friend. Now he’s a hero. A selfless, courageous man whom I admire greatly,” tweeted Joe Schenck.

The gunman killed one student and injured two others before he was stopped. Ybarra, 26, does not have any known connection to the university.

The Christian university of about 4,000 students cancelled Friday classes and activities.  


Publication date: June 6, 2014