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Steph Curry Says Bible Study Reminds Him ‘Why We’re Here’

Ryan Duncan | Contributing Editor | Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Steph Curry Says Bible Study Reminds Him ‘Why We’re Here’

Steph Curry, a rising star in the Golden State Warriors, recently told reporters that he and a few of his teammates have formed a Bible study which meets regularly. According to Curry, the discipleship group is meant to strengthen the athletes spiritually and help them stay focused on their faith. According to CBN News, Curry continued to expand upon the group, saying,

"Every game day we probably have 10, 11 guys show up for the 30-minute Bible study, prayer service, daily encouragement — that's the biggest thing,"

"We all have very similar temptations, struggles through [our] entire walk of faith. For us on the court we all grind and compete on the floor, so why not grind and compete in our spiritual walk together as well."

On Monday, the Golden State Warriors succeeded in winning the NBA championship. This marks their second major victory in the last three years. John Gray, an associate pastor of Lakewood Church who helps mentor the players, believes Curry and his teammates are building a legacy that will last.

(Image Credit:WikimediaCommons/NoahSalzman)

*Published 6/20/2017