Southeast Texas Residents Face Historic Flooding and Destruction from Hurricane Harvey

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Monday, August 28, 2017

Southeast Texas Residents Face Historic Flooding and Destruction from Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey brought devastating flooding and destruction to the state of Texas over the weekend. The rains and flooding are continuing, and experts are predicting that 450,000 will be in need of disaster relief.

The hurricane was upgraded to a Category 4 storm before it hit southeast Texas, affecting cities from Corpus Christi to Rockport to Houston.

The small Texas town of Rockport where the eye of the hurricane came ashore is predicted to face a deluge of over 27 inches of rain. At its most severe, Harvey pummeled Rockport and other nearby cities with up to 215 mph winds.

Five people are reportedly dead in the aftermath of the hurricane which continues to bring drenching rain and winds to Texas, according to

"There's been widespread devastation," Rockport Mayor Charles Wax told CNN late Saturday morning. "We've already taken a severe blow from the storm, but we're anticipating another one when the flooding comes," he added.

Harvey has been downgraded to a Category 1 storm, but is still capable of reaching 75 mph winds and bringing widespread flooding.

Houston’s mayor Sylvester Turner has urged residents to heed the National Weather Service’s warning to “stay put” while rescue efforts are underway.

"It's going to last four to five days," said Turner on on Sunday. “This is Day One."

Texas is receiving aid from the federal government, and officials have warned that recovery efforts will take months, and possibly years.

“This disaster is going to be a landmark event," Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Brock Long told CNN on Sunday. “We’re setting up and gearing up for the next couple of years.’’


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Publication date: August 28, 2017