South Korean Ferry Death Toll Reaches 150

Carrie Dedrick | Updated: Apr 23, 2014

South Korean Ferry Death Toll Reaches 150

Search and rescue crews are still looking for victims of the deadly South Korean ferry disaster. 150 bodies have been pulled from the wreckage; another 150 remain missing.

The majority of the fatalities were high school students. Of the 323 students who were on board the ship, over 75 percent are dead or missing reports CBS News.

Authorities reported that the next step in the search would be to rip through cabin wall to reach the rest of the victims. Search and rescue spokesman Koh Myung-seok explained that the layout of the ship causes difficulty for divers.

“The lounge is one big open space, so once in it, we got our search done right away. But in the case of the cabins, we will have to break down the walls in between because they are all compartments,” Koh said.

Authorities are investigating what caused the ship to capsize. Senior prosecutor Ahn Sang-don said that there is a list of possibilities, including the 45 degree turn the ferry made before it started to tilt.

Third mate Park Han-gyeol said he was instructed to make a 5 degree turn, but the steering gear turned to far and he could not correct it.

Eleven of the 22 surviving crew members have been arrested or detained pending further investigation.


Publication date: April 23, 2014

South Korean Ferry Death Toll Reaches 150