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Snoop Dogg Says 'I'd Rather Have Jesus than Silver and Gold'

Carrie Dedrick | Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Snoop Dogg Says 'I'd Rather Have Jesus than Silver and Gold'

The rapper Snoop Dogg shared a video of himself singing gospel music on Sunday (April 17). In the video posted to Instagram, Snoop Dogg sings, “I'd rather have Jesus than silver and gold.” 

Fans instantly commented on the video with words of encouragement, Christian Today reports. Many said that Snoop Dogg should use his platform to spread the gospel message of salvation. 

Previously, Snoop Dogg told The Guardian that faith turned his sinful life around. The rapper formerly lived a gangster lifestyle, once even being charged with accessory to murder; he was acquitted. 

When he became a Christian, his perspective changed. 

"I used to answer hate with hate. Like if you hate me, I hate you more. But now I answer hate with love," he said.

Snoop Dogg now also speaks out against gun violence, supported by his song “No Guns Allowed,” sung with his daughter Cori B. 

The rapper said, "We keep hearing about schools getting shot up, venues being shot up, public places being shot up, and we have to address that. Who better to do it than me because I come from the gangsta lifestyle, carrying a gun every day of the week lifestyle?” 

Publication date: April 20, 2016