Serbia Sees Worst Floods in 120 Years

Carrie Dedrick | Friday, May 23, 2014

Serbia Sees Worst Floods in 120 Years

Serbia is seeing its worst flooding in modern times. The nation has not had such devastating effects from flood waters in 120 years.

Whole villages have been destroyed in the region, along with many lives. Survivors do not have access to clean water or electricity. Unearthed landmines for the Bosnian War are also a concern.

The flood waters also cover parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia Mission News Network reports.

One news source said, “In all of Bosnia with four million people, there are more than 600 believers because of the growth of Islam. For some people, if the church in Bosnia is under water, there is no church for another 50 to 100 kilometers.”

Director of Trans World Radio Drasko Djenovic said, “We are thankful to the Lord for all who managed to help rescue people from raging waters and for those who are involved in building sand dikes along the rivers, opening their homes to people who have lost everything, and assisting in other ways with the needy.”

Citizens in the region are in need of prayer, Djenovic said. “We are praying for the tens of thousands who are left without homes or do not know what has happened to their loved ones and friends.”

Serbia Sees Worst Floods in 120 Years