Search Engine Giants Remove Pregnancy Center Ads

Russ Jones | Christian Press | Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Search Engine Giants Remove Pregnancy Center Ads

Search engine giants Google and Yahoo have removed pro-life ads promoting the services of Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC) across the nation. According to World Magazine NARAL Pro-Choice America and UltraViolet pressured Google and Yahoo to yank the CPC advertisements.

"Yahoo is throwing women to the wolves on this issue," Nita Chaudhary said in a statement, co-founder of UltraViolet. "Desperate women seeking help are being directed by Yahoo to predatory centers where they will face harassment, aggression, and outright lies about their health and safety, and that is unacceptable. Yahoo should remove these ads immediately."

NARAL and UltraViolet argue the CPC ads are “deceptive” and violate the truth in advertising policies of both Google and Yahoo as the target women seeking an abortion.

A statement on NARAL’s website claims:

“When you search for ‘abortion clinics’ on Yahoo, the majority of ads that show up are funded by anti-choice groups! We’re joining with UltraViolet to call on Yahoo to follow Google’s lead and take down ads that intentionally lie to women facing an unplanned pregnancy.”

Susan Michelle Tyrell, a pro-life advocate who was rescued by Catholic nuns who took her to an orphanage in Bethlehem, asserts that the tactics of the abortion industry often lure women to make decisions that go against their conscience and the will of God.

“The problem that Google, Yahoo, and others that acquiesce to such pressure, they show their biases to one side of the issue,” said Tyrell. “The fact remains that abortion clinics lure unsuspecting, frightened women through their doors daily with the promise of help in time of crisis.”


Publication date: May 13, 2014

Search Engine Giants Remove Pregnancy Center Ads