School to Reinstate Bible Class Cancelled after Complaint was Filed

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, June 9, 2017

School to Reinstate Bible Class Cancelled after Complaint was Filed

A school district in Michigan is reinstating an off-premise Bible class that it suspended after receiving complaints from an atheist group.

As previously reported, the Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists took up the case against the Bible class after a parent of a student at Daisy Brook Elementary School in Fremont complained.

School officials cancelled the class in order to avoid legal action, but said they would be reviewing the situation for the upcoming school year.

Now, school officials have decided to reinstate the class, which is attended by a quarter of Daisy Brook’s students, in the fall term.

We temporarily canceled the program while we reviewed parts of the program," explained Superintendent Ken Haggart. "We believe that we were doing nothing wrong."

The only changes in the school’s policy regarding the class, according to The Christian Post, are in the way the school will allow distribution of fliers for the program. The class will continue to take place at a nearby church. The church will continue to provide transportation to the class as well.

After conferring with legal counsel, Haggart said school officials are “excited to bring the program back.”

"It's a great program for many of our kids who live in Fremont," he added.


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Publication date: June 9, 2017