School Superintendent Defends Scripture Read over Intercom

Carrie Dedrick | Thursday, March 12, 2015

School Superintendent Defends Scripture Read over Intercom

A school superintendent in Texas has reportedly defended one principal’s practice of reading scripture over the intercom during morning announcements. 

Christian News Network reports the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent principal Dan Noll a cease and desist letter after a White Oak High School student complained about the tradition that started in the 1970s. But Superintendent Michael Gilbert said Noll should continue to read scripture and there would be no disciplinary action for the principal or school. 

Gilbert said, “I am fully aware of the practice at the high school and will not pursue any action against our high school principal or any other member of our faculty/staff concerning this issue.”

He continued, “Let me also be clear that we have not (in my opinion) violated anyone’s rights and/or subjected anyone to undue stress. Bible studies and Scriptures are allowed in schools. The requirement is that the material be presented in a neutral manner. It is my position that we met that standard with the morning announcements.”

The superintendent also said he would be praying for the FFRF members. 

“My recommended response to the FFRF is, ‘I’m sorry you feel that way. I will be praying for you and your staff daily.’”

“[A]s a Christian Brother, it will not promote the values we hold so dear to assail those that disagree with the gospel. We will state our case. We will make sure our rights are just as protected as anyone else that lives in this great country. We will continue to provide for all the needs of our students and we will do so while traveling the High Road.”

Publication date: March 12, 2015

School Superintendent Defends Scripture Read over Intercom