San Bernardino School Shooter was a Pastor

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Updated: Apr 12, 2017

San Bernardino School Shooter was a Pastor

The man responsible for the recent San Bernardino Elementary school shooting in which three people died, including the shooter himself, was reportedly a pastor and vocal about his faith.

Cedric Anderson shot and killed his estranged wife at North Park Elementary School where she worked. An eight-year-old student, Jonathan Martinez, was caught in the line of fire and also died from his injuries. A second student was injured and hospitalized and is reportedly in stable condition. After shooting his wife, Anderson then shot and killed himself.

Christian Today reports that, though Anderson had a history of domestic violence, he also was a pastor and often wrote about his faith.

He appeared as a guest pastor on a local radio show and talked about teaching Bible studies.

He even wrote of his wife: “Her strength is not in worldly wisdom, head games and manipulation. Her strength is in the essence of her purity,' he said. 'Her anchor is that she sees God. It is a joy to have a conversation with her. I praise God for such a wonderful Lady!”

Several people who knew Anderson said he did not show any signs of violence.

“He was a deeply religious man,” said Najee Ali, a community activist in Los Angeles, who knew Anderson. “There was never any signs of this kind of violence ... on his Facebook he even criticized a man for attacking a woman.”


Join us in praying for the families of those killed in the shooting and for the student who is recovering in the hospital.


Publication date: April 12, 2017

San Bernardino School Shooter was a Pastor