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Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief Specialists on the Ground in Louisiana and Mississippi

Samaritan's Purse | Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief Specialists on the Ground in Louisiana and Mississippi

Louisiana has suffered devasting floods over the past week. Christian ministry Samaritian's Purse is sending out support to those in need. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is also sending chaplains with its Rapid Response Team to minister to flood victims.

Samaritan's Purse has deployed advance members of their disaster relief team to Louisiana and Mississippi. They are on the ground canvassing hard-hit areas and preparing to provide relief to victims of the historic flooding, after more than 30 inches of rain have fallen during the past week. As soon as the water recedes, the organization will be positioned to immediately help families impacted by the disaster.

“This record-breaking flood has killed at least six people, destroyed countless homes and displaced thousands,” said Franklin Graham, president of Samaritan’s Purse. “These families need our help. We want to remind them that they are not alone and show them God’s love as we help them recover.”

The North Carolina-based organization is seeing entire neighborhoods underwater and homes with only their rooftops visible. This devastating flood has already resulted in more than 20,000 rescues and left some 10,000 displaced families reeling from the devastation.

When the flooded areas are accessible, the organization’s Disaster Relief Units will serve as command centers in the hard-hit communities. These units are tractor-trailers stocked with heavy-duty tarps, generators and other tools that will aid in the cleanup efforts.

Samaritan’s Purse and its volunteers will help families clean out their flood-damaged homes. Teams will tear out soaked drywall, remove flooring, clear debris and spray chemicals designed to stop mold growth.

A group of chaplains from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s Rapid Response Team will also deploy to help flood victims in Gulf Coast states. They will be working alongside Samaritan’s Purse to provide emotional and spiritual encouragement.

For more information about how to help or volunteer with Samaritan’s Purse, go to Donations to help with the flood relief efforts can be made at

Samaritan’s Purse has helped more than 29,000 families in 35 U.S. states following floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and ice storms. In the past six months, the organization has helped people after floods in West Virginia, Texas and Louisiana, and recently provided aid to victims of the deadly tornadoes in Mississippi and wildfires in California. 


Publication date: August 16, 2016