Saeed Abedini's 2-Year Prison Anniversary Marked by Prayer Vigils

Russ Jones | Christian Press | Monday, September 22, 2014

Saeed Abedini's 2-Year Prison Anniversary Marked by Prayer Vigils

Naghmeh Abedini is inviting Christians around the world to band together on Sept. 26 in observance of the two-year anniversary of her husband Saeed Abedini’s sentencing to an Iranian prison, according to the Christian News Journal

“I’m doing a prayer vigil on this day to remember Pastor Saeed and others who are imprisoned for Christ, but also as a chance to come together as the Body of Christ and see the move of God as we pray together,” she said in a video posted on the Be Heard Project’s website, an initiative of the American Center for Law and Justice. “Please join me on this special day as we come together and pray.”

Christian Today reports that thousands are expected to gather at more than 460 prayer vigils in over 30 countries around the world to mark the two-year anniversary of his imprisonment.

International Christian Concern contends that since his imprisonment, Saeed has been subjected to long periods of solitary confinement and physical abuse. He is believed to be suffering from internal injuries that continue to go untreated and are causing him severe pain.

"We are privileged to join with thousands who will exercise their fundamental right of religious freedom by gathering to pray together, an act that, for Saeed Abedini and many more in Iran and around the world, would put them in prison, said Todd Daniels, ICC Regional Manager for the Middle East. “In a time when Christians around the world are facing increasing persecution, the church cannot remain silent. We urge Christians across the United States and around the world to gather and raise their voices to God on behalf of Saeed and others facing similar abuses and to raise their voice before world leaders and call for the freedom for all people to worship freely without fear of imprisonment or persecution.”

Organizations and churches are invited to host a prayer vigil. To register a vigil and receive information on coordinating a vigil, email [email protected] Promotional materials to promote the event are located at

Publication date: September 22, 2014

Saeed Abedini's 2-Year Prison Anniversary Marked by Prayer Vigils