Saeed Abedini Denies Abuse Allegations, Says Satan is Behind the Lies

Carrie Dedrick | Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Saeed Abedini Denies Abuse Allegations, Says Satan is Behind the Lies

Iranian American pastor Saeed Abedini was freed from Iranian captivity in January. But since his release, Abedini’s life has not returned to normal. His wife, Naghmeh Abedini accused him of physical and emotional abuse, as well as a pornography addiction, and filed for legal separation on January 26. 

Abedini told Christianity Today this allegations are false. 

The pastor said, "This is completely coming from Satan, who wants me to stop preaching the gospel and wants people to stop rejoicing for my release, because it was a big victory for the Christian world.”

"Now with these false accusations, trying to make the churches all around the world confused – it's clear to me that Satan is behind this,” he continued. 

Despite the marriage turmoil, Abedini said his wife and children are his heroes. 

“I completely reject all accusations, but at the same time, I call Naghmeh and [our] children my heroes, because of their advocating for me and their standing for their faith. I just admire them. Naghmeh is my hero; she stood strong for years. But no, I never abused anyone in my life, and I’ve never been addicted to anything,” he said. 

Last month, Naghmeh Abedini said, "I have loved Saeed more than I have ever loved any human being in my life and it has been hard to stand and keep the boundaries and ask for the abuse to be addressed. This is the most loving thing I can do for my husband and children at this time. My love and passion in fighting for Saeed's freedom has not changed, but it has taken a different form."

Publication date: April 26, 2016