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Russian Military Jet Taunts US Navy Destroyer

Carrie Dedrick | Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Russian Military Jet Taunts US Navy Destroyer

A Russian jet repeatedly flew over a United States Navy warship at extremely low altitudes on Monday, in a seemingly provoking gesture.

The plane flew above the Black Sea, passing over the USS Donald Cook at about 500 feet above sea level 12 twelve times in about 90 minutes CBN News reports.

Russia’s instigating move is leading Americans to question if the U.S. will get involved with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Steve Ganyard, a security consultant for ABC News said, “The message is we see you, we don’t like you in our backyard, and we prefer that you would leave.”

President Barack Obama held a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday; the leaders discussed the Ukraine conflict and Obama reportedly made known his “grave concern” for the destabilization of eastern Ukraine.

Senator John McCain supports aiding Ukraine with military and weapons but the President does not yet have any plans of doing so.

McCain fears that Putin will feel powerful and move forward if the U.S. remains motionless.

“Right now he’s going full speed ahead down the freeway. And there’s no tangible evidence of him having to pay a significant penalty,” McCain said in regard to Putin.


Publication date: April 15, 2014

Russian Military Jet Taunts US Navy Destroyer