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Ronald Reagan’s Attempted Assassin to be Released

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ronald Reagan’s Attempted Assassin to be Released

John Hinckley Jr., the man responsible for the assassination attempt on then-president Ronald Reagan, has been granted leave to be released from the hospital where he was being held. reports that a federal judge granted Hinckley “full-time convalescent leave” from St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. Hinckley and his lawyers had argued that he was fully rehabilitated from his illness. He will be permitted to live full time in Williamsburg, Virginia, although he will still be under certain restrictions.

Hinckley attempted to assassinate Reagan in 1981. He shot the president and three others outside the Washington Hilton. One of the victims of Hinckley’s assassination attempt, James Brady, the White House press secretary, died in 2014 from complications he suffered from his gunshot wounds.

Hinckley is not permitted to go near any members of the Reagan or Brady families, as well as the members of the two other men injured in his assassination attempt. 

Ronald Reagan’s son Michael Reagan has called for forgiveness in the situation:

"My father did more than say the Lords Prayer He lived it in forgiving John Hinkley Jr...Maybe we should do the same," he tweeted.

Despite Michael Reagan’s forgiving words, however, the Reagan Foundation wasn’t convinced:

"Contrary to the judge's decision, we believe John Hinckley is still a threat to others and we strongly oppose his release," the Foundation said in a statement.

Publication date: July 28, 2016

Ronald Reagan’s Attempted Assassin to be Released