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Rod Parsley Shares How He was Healed by God after Struggling with Cancer

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rod Parsley Shares How He was Healed by God after Struggling with Cancer

TV host, evangelist, educator, and humanitarian Rod Parsley had been diagnosed with throat cancer. Recently, he shared his story of miraculous healing.

In an interview with Charisma News, Parsley discussed his struggle with cancer and how he continued to trust God.

“How did it make you feel when you were faced with your own mortality,” Charisma News asked Parsley.

“Out of nowhere, and immediately you come face to face with your own mortality. But the Word promises us that God will bless us with long life and good life, sufficient in quantity, superior in quality,” Parsley responded. “At some point, we are all going to realize and enter into our own mortality. This accelerated the process. What would happen to my family? I'm not finished yet, I have so much more to do. And immediately, the Word of the Lord from Psalm 62 raises up in my spirit and says, ‘Let all that I am wait quietly before my God.’”

Next, Charisma News asked, “How would you respond to people who would suggest this was God trying to teach you something?”

“Listen, I am more convinced than ever that sickness, disease, pain, malady, malfunction, the cure for that curse, and it is a curse, is provided by the same cross that provided our salvation,” said Parsley. . . .”Oh, how my spirit ran to Galatians 3:19, ‘If you are Christ's, then you are Abraham's seed and you are an heir according to that promise.’ Don't you ever ... let the devil tell you sickness and disease is something god sends your way.”

Parsley also said he is amazed at the abundance of prayers and support he received from those within the Christian community.

“Most humbling experience of nearly 40 years of ministry are the amount of people who have prayed with me, and we didn't even make it public nationally.”

Parsley says he believes God can work miracles and that God miraculously healed him from cancer.

Publication date: November 3, 2015