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'Riots to Revival' Event Brings Baptisms and Worship to Kenosha, Wisconsin

Amanda Casanova | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Monday, August 31, 2020
'Riots to Revival' Event Brings Baptisms and Worship to Kenosha, Wisconsin

'Riots to Revival' Event Brings Baptisms and Worship to Kenosha, Wisconsin

A “Riots to Revival” movement is gaining momentum in Wisconsin after starting in June at the memorial site of George Floyd.

According to CBN News, last week, Dr. Charles Karuku shared on social media that the revival, started by Dr. Karaku and Pastor Lindsey Karaku of the International Outreach Church in Burnsville, Minnesota, had begun in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“Let the healing begin!” Karuku posted on Facebook, alongside photos of people praying, worshiping and being baptized.

"MIRACLES IN KENOSHA: A massive move of God. Salvation, healing, racial reconciliation, and awesome baptisms on the streets. Riot to Revival. Glory to God!!! Let the healing begin!”

In one video posted online, Eileen Burglin, a business owner in Kenosha, said she saw one woman receiving healing during the revival. The woman had been watching the event on Facebook Live.

"As baptisms were taking place, there was a little bit of a lull," she said. "Then another woman came forward. Her name is Debbie.

"And she felt God or something tell her 'she had better answer and get her butt over here,' is how she phrased it," Burglin added. "So she kind of hobbled over here. She wasn't doing well. And then, she got baptized and worshipped with us. And then 20 minutes ago, she told us, 'Oh, my back pain is completely gone."

In a Facebook post, Karuku also asked for missionaries to join them.

“TRAVEL WITH US. We need missionaries in America,” he said. “Let’s contend for revival in America.”

The Karukus started the revival at Floyd’s memorial site in June.

"Buildings were still burning, there was smoke and the National Guard had been called in," Lindsey Karuku said in June. "But now there is a lot of peace in the area where George Floyd's memorial is. It's been declared as a sacred and holy ground, worship and salvation and true reconciliation between people of all different colors."


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Photo courtesy: Matt Brown's Facebook

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