Rick Perry Ends Faltering Presidential Bid

Leigh Jones | WORLD News Services | Updated: Sep 14, 2015

Rick Perry Ends Faltering Presidential Bid

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Sept. 11 became the first Republican presidential candidate to bow out of the crowded 2016 field. 

During an appearance at the Eagle Forum in St. Louis, Perry told conservative activists God’s will remained a mystery but some things had become clear.

“We have a tremendous field of candidates—probably the greatest group of men and women,” Perry said. “I step aside knowing our party is in good hands, as long as we listen to the grassroots, listen to that cause of conservatism. If we do that, then our party will be in good hands.”

Perry had struggled in the last few months to rise to the top of the GOP field as he did four years ago. Then his campaign derailed after a disastrous debate appearance, during which he lost track of the answer he was trying to give and ended up offering a lame, “Oops.” It was a huge embarrassment on a national stage for the man who had dominated Texas politics since his predecessor, George W. Bush, traded the statehouse for the White House.

Despite initial progress this year overcoming the negative image he left in 2008, Perry could not make headway against better known candidates. He failed to break the top 10 in national polls and was consigned to the secondary group of candidates during the first debate on Fox News. He found himself on the also-ran stage again this week when CNN announced its primetime debate lineup.

But today the longest serving governor in Texas history said he had no regrets.

“We have a house in the country. We have two beautiful children. Two absolutely adorable, beautiful, smart, granddaughters, four dogs, and the absolute best sunset you have ever seen from the back porch of that house. Indeed, life is good,” he said, choking up slightly. “I am a blessed man.”

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Publication date: September 14, 2015

Rick Perry Ends Faltering Presidential Bid