Ray Comfort to Release Alternative Noah Movie

Ryan Duncan | Monday, March 3, 2014

Ray Comfort to Release Alternative Noah Movie

On the same day Hollywood plans to release their highly anticipate (and highly controversial) Noah movie, Christian evangelist Ray Comfort plans to release his own film entitled Noah –And the Last Days. According to The Christian New Network, Comfort was disappointed with the portrayal of Noah in the upcoming film, believing producers had depicted him inaccurately. As a result, Comfort will be revealing his own 30-minute movie which he believes conveys a “very important biblical message.”

“NOAH—And the Last Days will draw biblical correlations between the rampant sinfulness of the world in the time of Noah and the state of today’s culture. The film will also feature on the street interviews about the Great Flood, the existence of God, salvation in Jesus Christ, and God’s judgment of sin. Noting that ‘we are surrounded by evidence’ of God’s existence, Comfort told Christian News Network that God’s judgment of sin agrees with basic moral instincts.”

Both movies are scheduled to release March 28. The Hollywood version of Noah stars Russell Crowe alongside Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Hopkins.

*Published 3/3/2014