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Rand Paul: Socialism is a Failure, Faith Will Win in 2016

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, October 30, 2015

Rand Paul: Socialism is a Failure, Faith Will Win in 2016

Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul says that socialism ultimately fails and it is ultimately conservative values that encourage faith which will win the 2016 election.

Charisma News reports that Paul quoted Ronald Reagan as saying, ‘For the conservative, freedom requires faith; it should never be decoupled from faith.’

“He [Reagan] understood that religious principles underscored our liberty because we should acknowledge that our rights are authored by our Creator—not man,” Paul stated.

Paul said that liberals and socialists are focused solely on earthly issues and do not take spiritual issues into account. 

“If you ask Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton about the message of Jesus, they'd almost certainly tell you how we should tax the rich and redistribute wealth, not promote private charity and a culture of human dignity that transcends how much money exists in someone's bank account,” said Paul.

Paul then clarified that he does believe that we have an obligation to help our fellow man, but that “charity and good works are not the same as government enforced redistribution of wealth.”

“Socialism is a false idol that thrives on taking our individual Christian obligation of helping our neighbors and replacing it with government,” Paul continued.

“If we want to live under a just and moral government, liberty should be our goal,” Paul concluded. “The size of government is inversely proportional to individual liberty. Conservatives understand that as government grows our freedoms shrink. It's time for Republicans to remember that America became the richest and most humanitarian country in history by recognizing our individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Paul’s campaign has been lagging. Though his threats to filibuster the new budget deal have garnered attention, The Washington Post reports he only received a 4.17 percent share of Twitter conversation during Wednesday’s Republican debate.

Publication date: October 30, 2015

Rand Paul: Socialism is a Failure, Faith Will Win in 2016