Putin is Again Bombing Ukraine: Will Evangelicals Call on Trump to Take Action?

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Thursday, February 9, 2017

Putin is Again Bombing Ukraine: Will Evangelicals Call on Trump to Take Action?

Ukrainians are again facing aggression from Russia, initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Christian blogger Warren Throckmorton asks whether U.S. evangelicals will step in to help.

In a post titled “Do Evangelical Leaders Still Care about Ukraine?” Throckmorton recalls a short time ago when evangelicals spoke out about Putin’s actions toward Ukraine and called out President Obama for seemingly being unwilling to confront Putin’s aggression toward Russia’s neighbor.

However, now evangelicals seem to be remaining silent while President Trump also allows Putin to bomb Eastern Ukraine.

Trump has been accused for some time of being too friendly with Russia, although he alleges that having a diplomatic relationship with Putin is an asset for the U.S.

Paul Kengor of Grove City College and The Center for Vision & Values notes that “The ‘Putin-likes-me’ attitude of Trump is a fatal conceit, and it’s something that Donald Trump should have learned from watching two terms of Barack Obama’s naïve statements and attitude toward the Russians. It is also the polar opposite of Ronald Reagan’s statements and attitude toward the Russians.”

Throckmorton writes that if evangelical leaders still care about the plight of the Ukrainian people “I hope they will use their clout with Trump in order to educate him about the dangers of trusting the Russian leader, especially given his recent actions. If anything, Trump’s rhetoric is more in lines with a desire to Make Russia Great Again than #MAGA.”


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Publication date: February 9, 2017