Pro-choice Advocates Call for Judge to Recuse Herself in Abortion Case

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Pro-choice Advocates Call for Judge to Recuse Herself in Abortion Case

Ohio pro-life advocates are hoping that a state Supreme Court justice will not be forced to recuse herself from an upcoming case, according to

Justice Sharon Kennedy and other State Supreme Court justices are set to hear the case of Capital Care Network, an abortion clinic which allegedly failed to maintain its patient transfer agreement with a local hospital, and is suing the Ohio Dept. of Health for ordering the clinic to close its doors.

The Dept. of Health lost its case against the abortion clinic in a lower court, but has appealed its case to the State Supreme Court, which is set to hear the case September 12.

However, pro-abortion advocates are arguing that Justice Kennedy should recuse herself from the case because she spoke at a Greater Toledo Right to Life event.

Ed Sitter of the Ohio pro-life group is arguing against Justice Kennedy’s recusal because Kennedy did not mention the Capital Care Network case or even mention abortion during her appearance at the Greater Toledo Right to Life legislative breakfast event.

She instead talked about her judicial philosophy, and in particular, “her judicial philosophy about not legislating from the bench but simply acting as an umpire,” according to Sitter.

"I don't believe she will back down," he said. "Nor should she back down and recuse herself. She has done nothing wrong."


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Publication date: August 23, 2017