President Obama Addresses Nation, Lawmakers Respond with Reservations about ISIS Destruction Plan

Carrie Dedrick | Thursday, September 11, 2014

President Obama Addresses Nation, Lawmakers Respond with Reservations about ISIS Destruction Plan

President Obama addressed the nation in a speech on Wednesday (Sept. 10), detailing a four-part plan of action that he intends to take against the Islamic State. 

The plan explained that the U.S. would join forces with several other nations to stop the Islamic State’s terrorism. According to plan, the U.S. will expand its airstrike campaign into Syria, train and equip Kurdish forces, gain intel and provide aid for civilians. 

Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner (Republican) called the President’s campaign an “isolated counterrorism campaign.” 

"While the president presented a compelling case for action, many questions remain about the way in which the president intends to act,” said Boehner. 

Republican Senators John McCain Lindsey Graham (both Republicans) also said that Obama’s plan may not be enough to end the control of Islamic State. 

"The president's plan will help us achieve these vital goals, but only if he remains committed to fully implementing every aspect of that plan. Half measures against ISIS only make it stronger and will not lead to its destruction," McCain and Lindsey said in a joint statement.

Other lawmakers addressed concern that the President has not requested a congressional vote to authorize military action Fox News reports. 

Senator Tim Kaine (Democrat) said, "I disagree with the president's assertion that he has all necessary legal authority to wage an offensive war against ISIL without congressional approval.” 

Senator Bob Corker (Republican) also stressed the importance of Congress’ approval of his plan. "While much of the wording in the president's speech was good, the substance of how we accomplish what he laid out is what matters. I believe the president is exercising poor judgment by not explicitly seeking an authorization from Congress where consensus can be reached around a substantive plan of action and support can be built for an operation that he has described will take several years,” he said. 

Publication date: September 11, 2014