Presbyterian Minister Doesn't Believe in God but Defends His Christianity

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Thursday, March 26, 2015

Presbyterian Minister Doesn't Believe in God but Defends His Christianity

Presbyterian minister John Shuck wrote on an atheist blog that “God is a human product as opposed to special revelation from a divine being.”

Still, Shuck said he is a “proud minister.” The blog was titled “I’m a Presbyterian Minister Who Doesn’t Believe in God.”

"I believe one of the newer religious paths could be a 'belief-less' Christianity. In this 'sect,' one is not required to believe things. One learns and draws upon practices and products of our cultural tradition to create meaning in the present," Shuck wrote on The Friendly Atheist’s blog.

"Belief-less Christianity is thriving right now, even as other forms of the faith are falling away rapidly. Many liberal or progressive Christians have already let go or de-emphasized belief in heaven, that the Bible is literally true, that Jesus is supernatural, and that Christianity is the only way. Yet they still practice what they call Christianity."

In a column for Charisma News, senior editor Jennifer LeClaire responded to the blog, saying that Shuck “is an atheist.”

“Shuck essentially denies the divinity of Christ, characterizes the Father as a myth-maker, repudiates the veracity of the Bible, denies any existence of an afterlife and gets offended when people suggest that maybe he needs to reclassify his faith—or lack thereof?”

LeClaire warns in the column that there is a “perversion of God’s Word” happening among denominations and pastors.

“I pray that a spirit of repentance would fall on Shuck and all those like him who are perverting or denying the Word of God. I pray that church leaders and parishioners alike would receive fresh wisdom and knowledge in the revelation of Jesus. I pray that the truth would prevail in churches across the world.”

Publication date: March 26, 2015