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Pornography Recovery Program Fights the “New Drug”

John UpChurch | Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pornography Recovery Program Fights the “New Drug”

Clay Olsen sees pornography addiction among youth as a serious problem. So serious, in fact, that he won’t rest until the world knows the harmful effects of porn.

Olsen, cofounder and executive director of the pornography recovery program called Fight the New Drug, backs up his claim with research:

“ ‘The more research that comes out has shown us that pornography works like a drug when it comes to the brain,’ Olson explained. Learning more about the addictive nature of pornography has led to the discovery that ‘the brain is capable of healing and rewiring back to a healthy state.’

“ ‘We aim to help youth understand that not only does porn cause serious damage in their own lives, but also understand it as a social injustice that we need to collectively stand against.’ ”

Fight the New Drug maintains a website with a free online program to help youth fight their addictions. The videos, written with the help of therapists and psychologists, rely on the “science of addiction” to form a “battle plan” for success.

Pornography Recovery Program Fights the “New Drug”