Poll Claims Most Americans Accept Legalized Gay Marriage

Amanda Casanova | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Poll Claims Most Americans Accept Legalized Gay Marriage

In a nationwide poll released this week, Americans surveyed said it doesn’t matter if the Supreme Court bans same-sex marriages because so many states have already legalized gay marriage.

According to the poll from USA Today/Suffolk University, nearly half said they have a gay or lesbian family member or close friend who is married to another gay or lesbian person.

“I still believe what the Bible says, ‘one man, one woman,’ ” said Kraig Ziegler, of Arizona. 

Ziegler was polled and also recently attended a wedding reception for two men, who were friends of his wife.

“I got to know the guys, and they’re all right. They don’t make passes or anything at me.”

In the survey, 28 percent said they “strongly favor” same-sex marriage. Only 18 percent said they “strongly oppose” it. Fourteen percent said they were undecided on the issue.

“Everybody has a right to get married and be unhappy,” said Joann Fleming, of Los Angeles, who is also divorced.

Next Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on cases from Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee on whether gay and lesbian partners have a constitutional right to marry.

A ruling is expected by late June. Thirty-six states and the District of Columbia already allow same-sex marriages, The Huffington Post reports.

Publication date: April 22, 2015