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Please Pray for Billy Graham

Ryan Duncan | Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Please Pray for Billy Graham

Christian organizations around the world are asking their members to pray for Dr. Billy Graham who, at the age of 95, show signs of failing health as he prepares to meet the Lord. A recent blog post by Joel C. Rosenberg has highlighted the responses of Graham’s friends and family as they adjust to his declining health,  

“He’s not doing real well,” Franklin Graham told The Christian Post on Thursday. “His vitals are good. It’s not like he’s in danger right this second. But if he got a cold right now, it could be deadly. So I just ask the people to pray that he gets his strength back. I’ve never seen him this weak in all my life, so I know he’d appreciate your prayers.”

The impact Billy Graham has had on the world cannot be denied. His final crusade, titled “My Hope”, was broadcasted worldwide over a month ago on November 7th. During the event, Graham reflected on how much the faith in Jesus has grown across the world, but stressed that the work of Christians was far from done. He also encouraged congragents to live a life that reflects the grace of God. As one of Christianity’s foremost pioneers, his words and actions have touched the hearts of many around the globe.

We pray that God will be with him and his family during this difficult time.

*Posted 12/17/2013

Please Pray for Billy Graham