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Planned Parenthood Board Member Says Abortion is a 'Sacred Gift'

Kelly Givens | Contributing Editor to | Monday, January 6, 2014

Planned Parenthood Board Member Says Abortion is a 'Sacred Gift'

In recent opinion columns, Planned Parenthood board member Valerie Tarico wrote that abortion is a “sacred gift” and celebrated her belief that Christianity is “in decline,” Christian News reports.

Tarico is one of a 400-member Board of Advocated for Planned Parenthood. Her writings have appeared in outlets such as Salon, AlterNet and the Huffington Post, where she routinely writes about her opposition to Christian beliefs and values.

In one such Huffington Post article last January, Tarico encouraged readers to “honor women who decide to terminate pregnancies.” They are “doing God’s work,” she wrote. “An abortion when needed is a blessing. It is a gift, a grace, a mercy, a cause for gratitude, a new lease on life. Being able to choose when and whether to bring a child into the world enables us and out children to flourish.”

Tarico also believes Christianity is on the decline. According to Christian News, the facts Tarico cites to support her claim “vary significantly, but they include the secularization of millennial, the increasing outspokenness of skeptics, and the society’s departure from Biblical views.”

Though Tarico believes reason and science will propel our society away from Biblical views, pastor Matt Chandler believes just the opposite. In a recent World Magazine column, Chandler wrote, “Science is already pushing the ball forward rapidly. In 1973, when Roe v. Wade occurred, there was no sonogram. We can see our babies in the womb now. There are studies now showing the baby is dreaming in the womb. Science will eventually, I believe, turn over Roe v. Wade. It will only be a matter of time.”

Still, Chandler calls for action: “To be indifferent is to make us complicit with this travesty.”

January 22nd marks the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a landmark decision from the Supreme Court upholding a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy.

Publication Date: January 6, 2013.

Planned Parenthood Board Member Says Abortion is a 'Sacred Gift'