Petition for Trump to Sign Religious Freedom Order Gets 107,000 Signatures in a Week

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Petition for Trump to Sign Religious Freedom Order Gets 107,000 Signatures in a Week

Those in the Christian community are urging President Trump to sign an executive order protecting religious freedom. The petition, in the form of an open letter to the President, has received 107,000 signatures in just one week.

Christian Today reports that the petition was started by the American Family Association. It thanks Trump for keeping his campaign promises, but goes on to urge him and his administration to follow through on protecting religious liberty as he promised he would do while on the campaign trail.

“Thank you for being diligent in your efforts to keep your campaign promise to protect religious liberty – a fundamental right that originates from God, not the government. Rather, it is the role of government to protect and preserve these rights,” reads the letter.

The petition goes on to cite instances of Christians’ religious freedom being violated, such as when Christian businesses have been forced to participate in gay wedding ceremonies.

“For this reason, we are seeking relief by changes in policy and laws to protect and preserve the religious liberty of not just religious institutions but also of individual Christians and Christian business owner,” it says.

The letter also includes a video message from American Family Association president Tim Wildmon who condemns violations of Christians’ religious freedom and says, “President Trump can do something about it with this religious freedom executive order."


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Publication date: February 15, 2017