Perry Noble Reveals Past Struggle with Pornography

Carrie Dedrick | Updated: Jul 03, 2014

Perry Noble Reveals Past Struggle with Pornography

Perry Noble, the popular pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina, has spoken out about his struggle with pornography and how he overcame it. In a blog posted to, Noble publicly delved into his sin, explaining that there was a time he thought he would lose everything: his church, his marriage, and his salvation. 

Noble writes that his addiction began in high school and continued for 10 more years after he accepted Christ in 1990. 

“Porn was my ‘secret sin’ no one knew about,” Noble wrote. “The struggle was real and emotionally and spiritually intense. I doubted my salvation. I almost walked away from the ministry, I thought God hated me...I just could not get control of the addiction.” 

Noble married his wife Lucretia in 2000; before the pair married, he notes a turning point that came when he told her about it. Lucretia was able to hold him accountable and pray for his healing. She still “holds me accountable today,” Noble wrote. 

He offers advice for others who are struggling with the sin of pornography addiction including spacing oneself from the internet, avoiding travelling alone, and asking God to view women in a healthy way. “When I realized, ‘That woman is some man’s daughter...and when I have a little girl I don’t want other men viewing her in a lustful way!’ I have to admit -- this one really impacted me. I have a daughter and I want her to be treated with respect and not as an object for someone’s self-gratification!”

Publication date: July 3, 2014

Perry Noble Reveals Past Struggle with Pornography