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People from all Faiths Offer up Prayers in 9/11 Remembrance

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, September 11, 2015

People from all Faiths Offer up Prayers in 9/11 Remembrance

Today marks the fourteenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks. 

As we remember the day that shook America and the larger global community, we commemorate those who lost their lives and those who lost loved ones.

The Huffington Post Religion offered a list of commemorative prayers from all faiths, in the hopes of bringing comfort, healing, and peace to a nation that is still feeling the effects of the September 11 tragedy.

The list of prayers includes faith denominations from Christian to Jesuit, Muslim to Buddhist. The list even includes “A Secular Reflection” and “A Pagan Blessing.”

A Christian prayer, penned by Father Alberto Cutié reads, “God of love, we remember the courage of the countless men and women who put their lives at risk in order to rescue, alleviate and bring solace to the afflicted.”

Another Christian prayer by Bishop T.D. Jakes says, “Dear God: We seek your grace to strengthen us as we commemorate the lives of loved ones who have been lost on this day of anguish for our country and our world. Lord, teach your children to love each other as much as they profess to love you.”

The Huffington Post article added that hopefully the prayers will provide “a vision for a stronger future.”

The article contains more Christian prayers than prayers of any other religion.

The final Christian prayer by Father Richard Rohr reads, “God of all races, nations, and religions, You know that we cannot change others, nor can we change the past. But we can change ourselves.”

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Publication date: September 11, 2015