Pastor Says His Preaching License Will Not Be Renewed over His Support of Joe Biden

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Monday, September 21, 2020
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Pastor Says His Preaching License Will Not Be Renewed over His Support of Joe Biden

A 21-year-old Texas pastor says his preaching license will not be renewed after he publicly endorsed Joe Biden for President on his social media account.

According to Relevant Magazine, David Bumgardner, a student at Southwestern Seminary’s Scarborough College, says the pastor at the church he has interned with told him that his license will not be renewed.

Bumgardner received the license in July after serving a year-long internship at Faith Memorial Baptist Church in Archer City.

Also in July, Bumgardner posted on Facebook that he would be voting for Biden.

“I am voting for Joe Biden to get the most egotistical, hypocritical, divisive, deranged, and dangerous man to ever hold presidential office out of the Oval,” he wrote. “I am voting for Joe Biden because he will bring back decency to the White House.”

Bumgardner said he was Republican but said he believed President Donald Trump is a “threat to the flourishing of my neighbors … to national security … (and) to national unity.”

“I am a conservative, Bible-believing, orthodox, evangelical Baptist that believes the best way to serve my neighbors and steward my vote is by helping Joe Biden get to the White House,” he wrote on Twitter.

After the post gained views and comments, Avery Sprey, pastor at Faith Memorial Baptist Church, reportedly told Bumgardner that his license to preach would not be renewed.

Sprey said the license was like a “learner’s permit” and includes a clause about a potential expiration.

“I couldn’t care less about his political views,” Sprey told the Baptist Standard. “My concern is that his social media posts cause discord among brothers and do not promote gospel unity.”

Bumgardner responded by saying that the post would not have been an issue had he endorsed Trump, but he also added in a blog post that he respected Sprey and the Faith Memorial Baptist Church.

“I do not have any feelings of ill will toward my friend, Rev. Avery Sprey, or the Faith Memorial Baptist Church,” he wrote. “I humbly ask that any anger my supporters have toward the church and my dear friend, Avery, would be redirected into prophetic and holy indignation that translates into meaningful action. Please do not harass, slander, or abuse these precious people for whom Christ died.”

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