Pastor of Charlotte's Largest Church Put on Leave for Inappropriate Conduct

Carrie Dedrick | Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pastor of Charlotte's Largest Church Put on Leave for Inappropriate Conduct

Dr. John Munro, senior pastor of the largest church in Charlotte and radio personality for “Back to the Bible,” has been fired from his radio ministry position and put on paid leave from Calvary Church

Back to the Bible said Munro was being let go for “inappropriate conduct and behavior” but did not further explain. At the same time, Calvary Church announced it would be investigating a similar “H.R. complaint” against Munro. 

In an e-mail, Back to the Bible CEO Dr. Arnie Cole told ministry affiliates that Munro was asked to leave the radio show. 

"I wanted to personally share with you a very difficult situation. Back to the Bible has terminated its relationship with Dr. John Munro due to inappropriate conduct and behavior that is detrimental to Back to the Bible's mission of leading people closer to Jesus on a daily basis,” Cole wrote. 

Calvary Church announced to its 4,000 members that Munro would be placed on leave while an outside investigator looked into the alleged H.R. issue. 

Church elder Bill Bailey said, "Because we, as elders, are charged with protecting our flock and seeking truth, we retained an outside investigator to assist us in gathering facts and information from all involved to ensure impartiality and neutrality."

Neither the radio ministry nor the church have specified what accusations Munro has against him. However, Calvary Church has urged members not to speculate because “gossip can exacerbate these already difficult circumstances,” Bailey wrote in a letter to the congregation. 

Publication date: August 26, 2014