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Pakistan: Christian Lawyer Forced into Hiding after Receiving Death Threats

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, July 8, 2016

Pakistan: Christian Lawyer Forced into Hiding after Receiving Death Threats

A lawyer who works to defend Christians and other minorities from persecution in Pakistan has fled and gone into hiding after receiving death threats. reports that Sardar Mushtaq Gill is a leading Christian human rights lawyer in Pakistan who has worked to bring justice for oppressed minorities, and particularly Christians.

Gill was working to protect the family of the brick kiln murder victims who were burned alive in a brick kiln after they were accused of blasphemy against Islam.

Gill had requested protection for himself from the authorities, but was forced to flee for his life when no protection was forthcoming.

According to a statement from the Farrukh Saif Foundation, an organization which helps victims of discrimination in Pakistan, "Mr Gill at high risk, he was forced into hiding after getting life threats and physical attacks. He has also earlier expressed serious concern for his and his family safety after threats were issued by both militants and extremists groups and the individual criminals; despite seeking protection from the authorities his call for security has been ignored."

The two heirs of the Christian couple who were burned in the kiln have also received threats and have asked authorities for protection.

Other human rights activists have called on the government to do more to defend human rights in Pakistan. They have also appealed to other countries, such as the UK, to intervene.  

"The British government should make overseas aid to Pakistan conditional on Islamabad's protection of the human rights of Christians and other minorities. If Pakistan's rulers do not comply, the UK should switch aid from the government to NGOs that do not discriminate,” stated human rights activist Peter Tatchell.

Publication date: July 8, 2016