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'One of the Strongest Pro-life Bills to be Passed in Years' Becomes Law in Missouri

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Thursday, July 27, 2017

'One of the Strongest Pro-life Bills to be Passed in Years' Becomes Law in Missouri

Missouri’s gov. signed a sweeping pro-life bill into law yesterday. One of the things the new bill will ensure is that pregnancy centers are not forced to promote abortion.

“Today is a great victory for pregnancy care centers that help women and children all over the state,” Gov. Eric Greitens said in a statement, as reported by “I’m proud that many of Missouri’s lawmakers stood strong to protect the lives of the innocent unborn and women’s health.”


According to Missouri Right to Life, the new bill, HCS SB 5, will do several things, including:


  • "Ensuring that our top law enforcement officer, the Attorney General, has equal jurisdiction with a local prosecutor. This is needed when a local prosecutor is pro-abortion and refuses to uphold the laws when an abortion clinic or abortionist breaks the law.”

  • “Annual on-site unannounced abortion clinic inspections to make sure abortion clinics are following the law.”

  • “Whistleblower protections for employees of abortion clinics who see law after law being broken inside these abortion clinics and want to report it, but are afraid of the repercussions by the abortionists.”

  • “Protection for pregnancy resource centers and faith communities not to be forced to participate in abortions.”

The state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee highly praised the bill, calling it “one of the strongest pro-life bills to be passed by the Missouri Legislature in many years!”

“We are especially grateful to Governor Greitens for calling this special session and for his support of this pro-life legislation,” added Missouri Right to Life.



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Publication date: July 27, 2017