Olympian Who Refused Doctors' Abortion Advice Gives Birth to Triplets

Carrie Dedrick | Friday, March 6, 2015

Olympian Who Refused Doctors' Abortion Advice Gives Birth to Triplets

A former Olympian from the UK who refused doctors’ advice to abort two of her unborn triplets, gave birth on Feb. 24. 

Olympic gymnast Jaime Halsey had been advised by doctors to selectively abort two of the triplets for health concerns. All three of the babies were at risk of Intrauterine Growth Restriction; doctors were also concerned for the strain on Halsey’s body. 

Halsey and husband Steve refused to give up two of the babies “just to make life easier,” Halsey said at the time. 

Christian News Network reports baby girls Eden Rose, Amber Joy and Erin Aila survived, but will need to remain in the hospital as they were premature. 

In a blog post, Halsey wrote, ‘‘I felt so overwhelmed; I had heard each one cry and been able to see them. It was just the best feeling ever!” 

“Steve showed me the photos of the girls that he’d taken straight after the birth and also some during; they were incredible! I will always remember that feeling—a mixture of happiness, love and proudness in myself for being able to carry them in my tummy for so long and to now be hearing their little cries for the first time, just amazing!”

Steve Halsey said, “We both know that the triplets have a long way to go, and many hurdles to get over before we can bring them home; but we know that we have given them the best chance possible and the wonderful medical staff at the JR have and will continue to give them the best chance possible too.” 

Publication date: March 6, 2015