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Oklahoma Pastor's Widow Pleads Guilty to Asking Her Lover to Murder Her Husband

  Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Friday, April 22, 2022
Oklahoma Pastor's Widow Pleads Guilty to Asking Her Lover to Murder Her Husband

In Oklahoma, a pastor's widow has pled guilty to asking her lover to murder her husband, Pastor David Charles Evans.

Kristie Evans, 48, is facing a potential life sentence.

According to The Christian Post, Pastor David was found dead in his home after being shot to death in March 2019. David led the Harmony Free Will Baptist Church in Oklahoma.

Evans told police that she plotted his murder with a man she spent three nights with while her husband was on a mission trip in Mexico.

That man, Kahlil Deamie Square, 26, is charged with the shooting. His attorney says Square is pleading not guilty.

According to court documents, David was a swinger. Evans told police that she and her husband would often meet other swingers. They had both met Square for sex at a Super 8 motel "on more than one occasion" in the months leading up to the shooting death.

"On one of those occasions, Kristie secretly dropped her phone number on the floor for Kahlil," an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agent reported in arresting documents. "Kristie continued to communicate by phone daily with Kahlil without David's knowledge."

She asked Square to kill David, giving him a gun and bullets. The night of the murder, she reportedly left the back door of her house open.

Evans told NBC News in a jailhouse interview that her husband was abusive and forced her to have sex with other men.

In private Facebook messages, David called Evans a "frigid b***h" for not wanting to meet with other swinger couples.

Evans also said they were planning to get a divorce. She also claimed that once, while speaking to her daughter on the phone, David held a gun to his chin.

After the murder, Harmony Freewill Baptist Church's Executive Director Mike Wade said David was a "very outgoing guy."

"He always had a smile on his face, always looking out for the needs of others," he added.


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