Ohio Representative Moves to Impeach Judge for Pro-Gay Rulings

Carrie Dedrick | Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ohio Representative Moves to Impeach Judge for Pro-Gay Rulings

Representative John Becker of Ohio has called to impeach a federal judge due to his recent rulings involving gay marriage. Becker says that U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Black has abused his power and went against the state and federal constitution through his pro-gay decisions.

Becker’s office released a statement writing, “In an epic display of arrogance and incompetence, Judge Black announced that he will require the people of Ohio to disregard the Ohio Constitution and force the recognition of ‘homosexual marriages’ performed outside of Ohio. He persists in allowing his personal political bias to supersede jurisprudence.”

In December the judge ruled that state officials must recognize same-sex marriages on death certificates. Black has announced that his next move is to remove Ohio’s gay marriage ban, though the ban was approved by the majority of voters in 2004 reports Christian News.

Representative Becker believes Black’s actions are just cause for dismissal and has proposed a resolution of his impeachment. The resolution has not had received a hearing.

The resolution reads in part, “...the impeachment of rogue federal judges will begin the process of restoring state sovereignty to the original intent of the United States Constitution…”

Black was appointed to the post by President Barack Obama.