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Obama Forcing Religious Organizations to Hire Gays, Transsexuals

Carrie Dedrick | Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Obama Forcing Religious Organizations to Hire Gays, Transsexuals

Religious non-profit organizations will soon be required to hire gay and transgender people, according to a new set of regulations from the Obama administration. Charisma News reports the President has added a “sexual orientation and gender identity” mandate that will require Christian organization to hire people who are gay, as well as allow transgender people to use the locker rooms and restrooms of their chosen sex. 

Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel says the new rule is unfair to faith-based organizations who believe in biblical teaching on homosexuality. 

"This is ludicrous!” Staver said. “Christian organizations cannot offer biblical counseling and, at the same time, hire people who do not follow the Bible and their doctrinal positions on human sexuality. Ultimately, this LGBT regulation is going to cause irreparable harm to the children and the needy."

The Center for Family and Human Rights reports the policy is tied to an executive order that Obama signed last July. According to the order, federal contractors not permitted to discriminate against gay and transgender applicants. 

Publication date: June 3, 2015