NYC Pastor Caught Stealing from Church Offering

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Updated: Jan 06, 2016

NYC Pastor Caught Stealing from Church Offering

A New York City pastor told police he stole money from the church's offering because he wasn't being paid enough.

According to The Christian Post, Rev. Daniel Impaglia, who heads the Evangelical Rock Church, was arrested in November for allegedly stealing money from the offering nine times in less than a month.

He was caught on hidden camera.

"They don't pay me enough," Imapglia told a prosecuter.

He is still leading services at the church even though some elders have asked him to resign.

He reportedly held a meeting earlier this week to change the church bylaws and didn't allow some church board members to attend. The change would allow board members currently serving to choose future board members.

"We need to pass this amendment to save the church," Impaglia said.

Members who were barred from the meeting pushed past Impaglia supporters to enter, but the conflict escalated into a shouting match. Police showed up but none were arrested.

"I thought he would have a little bit of shame," a board member said. "It's not like we are suspecting theft, we have videotape of him actually stealing the money and putting the money in his pocket.

"It's shameful because this is a church, but we are not going to have wolves in sheep's clothing running the show and abusing the sheep," the board member said.

Publication date: January 6, 2016

NYC Pastor Caught Stealing from Church Offering