North, South Korea Perform Live-Fire Test into Sea, Tensions Heighten

Carrie Dedrick | Monday, March 31, 2014

North, South Korea Perform Live-Fire Test into Sea, Tensions Heighten

North and South Korea performed a live-fire drill on Monday, shooting hundreds of rounds of shells across the disputed sea border. South Korean islanders were forced to evacuate for one hour as 100 rounds of artillery fell south of the maritime boundary. North Korea launched approximately 500 rounds total reports Yahoo! News.

Previously North Korea had performed another firing exercise, launching artillery into the water and had threatened the South with another test.

South Korea reacted to Monday’s drill by shooting 300 shells of its own into the water. The South had warned that they would respond as such if Northern shells crossed the border. However, Pyongyang does not recognize the sea border, arguing that it was unilaterally drawn by the UN after the Korean War.

Ministry spokesman Kim Min-Seok said of the decision to fire back, "If the North takes issue with our legitimate returning of fire and uses it to make yet another provocation towards our sea and islands, we will make a resolute retaliation."

This drill was preceded by a warning from North Korea, unlike a test-launch of two ballistic missiles last week. The PROK issued a no-sail, no-fly advisory.

The drill only heightens tensions between the two nations that have had pressure building for weeks.