North Carolina Judge Resigns to Avoid Performing Gay Marriages

Carrie Dedrick | Friday, October 24, 2014

North Carolina Judge Resigns to Avoid Performing Gay Marriages

A judge in North Carolina has resigned from his position in order to avoid presiding over gay marriages, which are now legal in the state. Swain County Magistrate Gilbert Breedlove, 57, left his position Monday (Oct. 20), saying that his belief in biblical marriage left him no choice.  

Breedlove had served as a magistrate since 1990. 

"I was Christian when I started. Then, the law didn't require me to perform something that was against my religious belief. Now that law has changed its requirements,” Breedlove said. 

Chris Sgro, executive director of Equality North Carolina said that forcing people out of their jobs was not the group’s intention. 

"Certainly, our hope is not that anybody feels like they need to resign from their position,” he said. “Our hope is that people across North Carolina will support same-sex marriage, and do their jobs and conduct same-sex marriages the same as they would for opposite-sex couples."

Breedlove was ordained in 1997 and will remain to serve as a part-time pastor at his. However, his magistrate career was his primary source of income. Breedlove said he believes “the Lord will provide” since he followed his beliefs. 

Publication date: October 24, 2014