Nigerian Car Bombs Kill at Least 118

Carrie Dedrick | Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nigerian Car Bombs Kill at Least 118

Two car bombs exploded at a bus terminal in Jos, Nigeria killing at least 118 people reports Christian Today.

While militant group Boko Haram is suspected to behind the attack, no individual or group has claimed responsibility for setting the bombs.

Mark Lipdo witnessed the event. He said the scene was “horrifying, terrible.” Lipdo also said that a white van that appeared suspicious was parked in the area for hours, but authorities did nothing.

“This administration will not be cowed by the atrocities of enemies of human progress and civilization,” President Goodluck Jonathan said. The Nigerian president called the attacks “cruel and evil.”

The president has called for an increased military presence to protect Nigerian civilians, but the Boko Haram has continued its attacks. About 2,000 Nigerians died at the hands of the extremists so far this year.


Publication date: May 21, 2014

Nigerian Car Bombs Kill at Least 118