Nigeria: Fulani Herdsmen Attack Villages, Burn Christians Alive

Carrie Dedrick | Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Nigeria: Fulani Herdsmen Attack Villages, Burn Christians Alive

A group of Fulani herdsmen attacked four villages in northern Nigeria early Tuesday morning (April 12). World magazine reports the terrorists burned homes, and killed villagers and animals. Christian residents were burned alive.

Authorities estimate 44 people were killed in the attacks, though the number is difficult to confirm; villagers fled the scene. 

Fulani herdsmen, an older terrorist group than Boko Haram, has its roots in the Fula tribe. The group are Islamic extremists, but identified as herdsmen because most of the group’s disputes are rooted in land or livestock disputes. 

Mark Lipdo, director of the human rights group Stefanos Foundation said, “These are religious extremists, like Boko Haram.” 

He continued, “Most Nigerian tribes include farmers and herdsmen. They could report land or cattle disputes to proper authorities as others do. You don’t go killing people because a cow has been stolen.”

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari vowed to stop Fulani herdsmen violence when he took office last year. However, the terrorist group has increased its attacks, and violence is on the rise. 

Publication date: April 13, 2016