News Anchor Keeps Faith in God after Losing Wife and Son to Cancer

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, September 9, 2016

News Anchor Keeps Faith in God after Losing Wife and Son to Cancer

A TV news anchor who lost both his wife and son to cancer has kept his faith in God despite the trials that have plagued his life.

According to, Jay Siltzer is the “morning guy” for news station WLOS-TV, the ABC affiliate in Asheville, North Carolina.

Siltzer lost his wife, Kelly, to a rare form of leukaemia in 2014. Just two years later, Siltzer’s eight-year-old adopted son also succumbed to cancer.

To add to the set of trials, Siltzer himself also battled cancer earlier in his life. In 1999 he was diagnosed with testicular cancer which then spread to his spine.

However, doctors were able to use chemotherapy and radiation treatments to get rid of the cancer, although these treatments left Siltzer infertile.

He married Kelly in 2000, and because they could not have children, they adopted their son Malachi from Ethiopia.

When asked how he keeps his faith and keeps going in life, Siltzer stated, "I suppose I could ask, 'Why me?' but the answer is 'Why not?' I'm a person of faith, and I trust good will come from this."

Siltzer also shared the touching words he had with his son before he passed away last week:

"You had a terrible start to life in Ethiopia. Then you were adopted. Your mom died from leukaemia. Now you're dying from brain cancer. How can you be so happy?” Siltzer asked his son. “And he simply looked at me with those brown eyes and he said because I know God.”


Publication date: September 9, 2016